Friday, January 22, 2010


Today was a really fun day as I got to do something really special, celebrate the graduation of one of my African friends. I met Jean Paul on my first trip to Uganda when he helped out with our camp team and we have kept in touch regularly ever since. He has become a good friend, almost like a brother to me and so when he told me months ago as I was planning my trip that he would be graduating in January, I knew I had to be here. Paul’s graduation was actually earlier this week but as the graduates are only allowed to invite two people to the ceremony itself, we decided to celebrate today instead. I showed up at his house early this afternoon with balloons and we took some pictures before heading into town for pizza. It was a lot of fun and I felt really blessed to be able to be a part of his special day.

For obvious reasons, around here graduation is a big deal and as Paul proudly wore his graduation gown around town this afternoon, I marvelled at what a huge difference the African Children’s Choir is making in the lives of these kids. Paul was not the only one of my friends to graduate this week and as former African Children’s Choir members, all of them were sponsored straight through university. For most, it’s an opportunity that would not have been possible without the choir. Former choir kids grow up to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, choir directors, etc. who then go on to give back to their community, invest in the next generation and ultimately affect change in their country. With about 35 choirs so far and approximately 25 children in each choir, that’s a lot of lives changed and a lot of leaders who can and will lead this country into a better future.

So, tomorrow’s the big day when Sam, Bonny and I will be distributing all the school supplies that you have provided. We would appreciate your payers. It’s great to be able to help but distributions like this can also get pretty complicated. We are only giving out bags to the kids that go to school so that will mean separating out those that don’t and making sure that there is no fighting, etc. Also, tomorrow could potentially put Sam and Bonny in a tough spot as word gets out that they gave away all these resources and the community comes back asking for more as Sam and Bonny truly have nothing else to give. So, please pray for Bonny and Sam tomorrow, that God would give them wisdom and discernment in how to distribute these resources. Pray against fighting, rioting, jealousy, bitterness, etc. Pray that the community would understand that this is a onetime thing, that the children would be blessed by the supplies that they receive, and that this would open even more doors for Sam and Bonny to minister in the community and not be a hindrance for them. Finally, above all, please pray that God would be glorified tomorrow and that the kids and their families would understand that this gift is from Him and know how much He loves them.

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