Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Heading Back to Uganda...

I didn't have space to say this is my latest newsletter but I'm actually going to be heading back to Uganda pretty soon... Instead of flying into the Congo, which is not so safe, I will be flying into Uganda and taking a bus from there to Bukavo, Congo. And, well, considering Uganda is pretty much my favorite place on earth (so far) I couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit some of my favorite friends and ministries :) I'll be spending a total of between 3-6 weeks in Uganda before and after my time in the Congo and I wanted to give you a chance to check out some of the amazing ministries I will be visiting:

- 1MoreChild

- Amani Baby Cottage

- Amazima Ministries

- Kids Club Uganda

- Mark & Sarah Williams / The African Children's Choir

- Our Own Home

Stay tuned for ways you can help by collecting much-needed items for these ministries...

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